All About Us

Welcome from Karyn J. My family lives in Durbanville, South Africa. HANDSOME HUBBY and I have 4 precious blessings from God.

(On this blog I have used our children’s second and/or third names in place of their first names to maintain privacy. Who knows who is out there in the blogosphere and although we’d love to be on a first name basis with you, unfortunately we can’t say that for everyone out there. The children’s second names give you an idea of who they are and helps you to get to know us all a little –  rather than the impersonal name by ages that we have used in the past. Everything else on this blog is true to life.)

Our 8 year old daughter GRACE has a beautiful smile and loves to serve others. She is very creative and enjoys making cards and gifts for people. She is a wonderful big sister to her siblings and a huge help to Mom and Dad. She loves birds and horses and books and enjoys taking her dog EMMA for a walk.

Our 5 year old son RICHARD COURAGE is in his favourite place – up a tree in “the AMAZON! (I wonder why?) He loves dinosaurs, snakes – all animals in fact. His dog’s name is COMET. His favourite thing to do is to play “AMAZON” or “Galapagos Islands” and go exploring and conquering with his brother… after all – he is a BOY!

Our 3 year old son DAVID STRENGTH has got TONS of EN-ER-GYY! He is a fireball on legs and he spends most of his time running around and chattering at top speed – like most toddler boys, I guess. He has a gentle heart and is so good at looking after his little sister. He loves to be a brave fighter warrior and slay the dragons with his big brother – in the AMAZON, of course!

Our 2 year old daughter FAITH is as mischievous as her smile. She loves to laugh at “funny jokes” and make surprises for Mom and Dad from the stationery drawer. She is the one that will disappear quietly down the passage to play at the basin or read some books – she is full of fun and loves to help Mom in the kitchen. She is such a joy to us.

On this blog I share about our life as parents in PECULIAR PARENTING, what we are learning from the BIBLE by linking to my HANDSOME HUBBY’S POSTS, some of our favourite recipes in FUN FANTASTIC FOOD, families that are a great inspiration to us in FABULOUS FAMILIES, places we have visited in AMAZING ADVENTURES, the wonderfulness of boys the way God made them in BRAVE AND BOLD BOYHOOD, the beauty and preciousness of girls the way God made them in GRACEFUL GIRLHOOD and our homelife in HAPPY HOMEMAKING. There’s also MYSTERIOUS MARRIAGE, TIMELESS TREASURES, RICH RESOURCES, HOMESCHOOL HAPPENINGS and more! Click on the site map to see links to all most posts and have fun!


One thought on “All About Us

  1. Terry says:

    Hi Karyn!
    My name is Terry Newsome and I am setting up the 2nd Annual Blog Swap. When you filled out the form, we got your url in place of your email address. Could you send me your email address so that I can send you the details of the Blog Swap.



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