Encouraging Our Daughters

I’m sure you agree – its hard work being a girl growing up in today’s world. So much of the wrong role models and so many things to filter out. Our daughters need all the encouragement they can get – especially from us.

I so want my daughters to be encouraged and to know how much they are valued and loved.

Here are steps that I have taken to that end…

  • Little notes under the pillow. I love to write little letters of appreciation to my older daughter, (she is 7 and her sister is 2) telling her how much I love and value her, or complimenting her on an area of her character that she is growing in or just a little smile on paper. I was inspired to do this by Teri Maxwell – hmmm, its been a while and its so easy to procrastinate this one – but its so worth it when I see her reaction – it really encourages her and makes her feel special and that “I notice” her and she loves to write notes in reply. My little girl has also taken to “writing” little notes to Mommy and “posting” them under my pillow – so sweet to find at bedtime.
  • Special journal – I purchased a special book (spiral bound with a hand painted rose on the front) to write little messages to my 7 year old daughter – to the effect of “I so enjoy and appreciate your love for flowers. I love the way you bring them to me from the garden and your appreciation of them makes me notice and enjoy them even more. Can you draw a picture of your favourite flower here for me?
  • Before bed  / rest time chats – at the beginning of rest time after the little ones are down for their naps, my daughter and I do our Bible reading together and then we chat or draw together for a bit. I also like to spend a little extra time with her after the others have been cuddled and sung to and are settled so that she can have the attention she needs without interruption and we can talk about the day in a relaxed way together.
  • Once a week girl time – We schedule a time once a week – usually during rest time to do nails, hair and other girl stuff together.

How do you encourage your daughters? I would love some ideas as we are still quite near the beginning of our parenting journey.

“And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.” Luke 8 v 48


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