Date Night Fondue

A wonderful home date to have with your hubby is a fondue! There are many types of fondues – our favourite ones are cheese fondue, meat & vegetable fondue and carob fondue!

Cheese Fondue

This one is rather heavy so we like to have lots of raw food beforehand. That way we eat less of the actual fondue and also don’t feel so awful after eating it. We’ll usually start with a simple side plate starter followed by a variation of a large salad and then the fondue.

To make a cheese fondue from scratch: combine 2 parts grated emmenthaler cheese (preferably swiss) with 1 part grated Gruyere cheese and 1 part red grape juice.

Melt slowly in a fondue pot on a low heat stirring continually until well blended just below boiling point. Make sure it is really well mixed – if the cheese wont mix with the juice its probably not hot enough. If the cheese is like rubber then it has probably boiled too much and unfortunately won’t recover – so watch it carefully! The cheese should be soft and almost liquid when ready.

Chop a loaf of french bread or ciabatta into bite sized pieces, grab some fondue forks, dip and enjoy!

Meat and Vegetable Fondue

Often with a meat fondue the meat is deep fried in a pot of oil – but this is not very healthy and can be rather dangerous!

We like to use a simple broth or vegetable stock in the pot to cook the meat. Simply grab a fondue pot and add some water and vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Chop meat and vegetables into bite size pieces and place on fondue fork in broth to cook.

Even simpler and yummier:

Pre-cook your strips of chicken or other meat in a wok with some coconut oil, a little soy sauce or sesame oil and coconut oil before hand and lightly steam your vegetables so they are firm not squishy.

Bring the bite-sized pieces of cooked meat and lightly steamed vegetables (broccoli, sliced carrots, brussel sprouts, baby potatoes, etc.) to your fondue table an just dip into the sauce!

We like to use a cheesy sauce or a white sauce or mushroom sauce and a napolitana sauce – tastes delicious dipped in both.

Carob Fondue

Boil some water and fill a small bowl 3/4 full with the carob chunks in a larger bowl on top – the water shouldn’t touch the bowl above but should heat it so that the carob melts nice and slowly – stir regularly.

A warm ceramic dish on a hot mat is the best way to keep the carob warm for a while.

Chop up bite sized pieces of your favourite fruit to dip into the carob with fondue forks – our favourites are apple, pear, strawberries and banana.

Have a plate ready to catch the drips as you eat – yummy!

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me [was] love.” Song of Solomon 2 v 4

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Date Night!

About those date nights… We need special time with our hubby’s. We need time away from the usual hustle and bustle of our busy lives. We need time just to talk – just us. We need time in this busy fast-paced culture that we live in to be together, to connect and to be close!


Do we really need to spend money on restaurants every week putting more pressure on our family’s finances?

Do we really need to risk our children’s well-being by hiring baby sitters to look after them so we can go out?

There seems to be tremendous pressure on couples to do this to make sure that their marriage “gets what it needs”… perhaps you have felt this pressure?

Hubby and I used to go out for dinner every week but over the last couple of years we have instead decided to have our date nights at home. We now enjoy wonderful evenings at home each week. This really works for us! I can honestly say it is so much richer, more peaceful and special than going out ever was. Sure, there are more dishes – but we do them together and have wonderful conversations along the way!

As the evening approaches, we have some good time with our children as usual and put them to bed around 8pm. We usually eat all together at the family table but on date night we just have a snack while the little ones have their supper. I plan a simple meal for the children on that night – something like cous cous and vegtables. After the children are in bed, we finish cleaning up, chat and prepare our meal. I do most of the preparing and hubby does most of the chatting! Its a great chance for me to catch up on how things are for him at work and how he is feeling about things.

We set the table with candles and put on soft music. We love to listen to Christian love songs like Serene and Pearl’s “This is Our Road”. Sometimes our oldest daughter sets the table for us and makes little gifts to put next to our plates. She loves to do this and really makes it special. We put a beautiful tablecloth over the maps and worksheets under the plastic tablecloth 🙂

For the actual meal, I try to keep rolls or bread from whatever bread we have made in the previous couple of days so that we have bread rolls with our starter. We make a starter of a delicious salad or something with pesto. I pop some butternut or gem squash and peas into the steamer to go with the meat (lamb chops or such) which I have seasoned and placed into the crocpot at lunchtime. They are soft and tender and fill the house with a wonderful aroma. Other weeks we have vegetable lasagne or a fondue.

We eat our starters while the main course finishes cooking. We have some sparkling grape juice at hand and it feels just like our very own special restaurant! We linger over each course and do lots of catching up with each other – all in the peace and serenity of our blessed home! Sometimes we do this.

I try to have a little dessert in the freezer (we usually don’t eat dessert so this is specially for date nights) – Cheesecake freezes well and you can slice it into tiny squares and defrost two at a time – which easily makes dessert for the month!

We sit in the lounge together between courses if waiting for food to be ready and sometimes we even fit in a bit of dancing! 🙂 It works wonders and we feel so relaxed and close afterwards!

Just remember to keep an eye on those candles!!

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love [is] better than wine.” Song of Solomon 1 v 2

A Fun Thing To Do With Hubby…

Some might not consider this fun – though we do!

When you are planning a special meal alone with your hubby, sit down together while waiting for supper to finish cooking and take 10 minutes to each make a list of 5-10 questions to ask the other.

Vary your questions from fun to serious, from deep to shallow.

For example: * What’s one thing that you are really excited about in our family?

* Who are your favourite “Titus 2” role models right now – and why?

* What frustrates you about the house / garden?

* If you could choose any animal for a pet for 1 week what would it be and why?

* What’s one way I can help you more?

* How would you describe our family traditions to a stranger?

* Tell me something thats in your heart that you don’t talk about very often.

* What do you think our children need more than anything else right now?

* What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do in your life?

* What has inspired you most in the past 2 weeks?

* What fun thing that we’ve done together would you like to do again?

* What have you read online lately about the world that interesting?

What would you like to talk about with our children more often?

Some of these might be hard to talk about so make sure you are feeling close and unthreatened beforehand. The goal is not to come up with brilliant answers but to connect and to feel close to each other!

This may be more a need for the wife than the husband – but my hubby loves it as much as I do!

It great how it opens the way for some deeper discussion, some fun ideas and some freshness in your conversation and relationship.

“But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation” 1 Peter 1v15

Four Wonderful Words!

I want to tell you about four wonderful words that the Lord has taught me. These words have protected me in times of confusion, helped me through difficult conversations and in relationship with extended family and well-meaning friends. These four words are a refuge that God has given to me – a covering and a protection – a place to run to.

Years ago I never would have thought of these words, they wouldn’t have made sense to me. I had never heard them spoken, yet when I began to study the Bible and learn about God’s plan for me as a wife, I learned these words.

As we embark on roads less traveled with our family, and as we come face to face with people who don’t agree with us – I am so blessed to have this provision from God.

Those four wonderful words are:


Question: Why do you (or don’t you) do ___________ that way?

Answer: “Talk to my husband – he’ll explain it.”

Question: Shouldn’t you be concerned about ____________?

Answer: “Talk to my husband. He’ll know”

I love being able to say these words. My hubby is my WARRIOR! He stands in the gap and defends us. God provides for and protects our family through him.

Thats not to say I can’t think for myself or that I don’t have a part in the decision making process. But I love being able to stand behind my husband – as he stands behind each decision and defends it. I am so grateful not to be the one called by God to do that.

I hope you can use these words too.

love, Karyn

“For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.” Ephesians 5v23