House Tour – the Lounge

It seems that sooner or later most bloggers do a house tour – and seeing as I love being given the tour, I thought I should give one too.

Welcome to our home!

Today I will show you what may look like a lounge but is actually a most ingenious washing line / clothes horse… Those wooden / metal clothes horses are good – but nothing like this one. This one is spacious, airy – and you don’t get those little fold lines on the clothes!

When we have visitors coming we clean up so it looks like this…

– the container of Bibles goes into the chest, the guitar box goes behind the couch, clothes are put away and there we have it – a lovely lounge! Actually we try to keep it nice most of the time as we have special family times here each day.

We have family Bible time here each morning and evening – time to be close, to read God’s word together and talk about stuff.

We also have our homeschool “read-aloud lounge time” here.

The lounge is part of a larger room that also contains the dining area on the other side near the front door. I’ll show you that part next time. Its also right next to the kitchen which is very convenient and is one of the things we wanted when we were looking for a smaller home (more on that later).

Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.” Romans 4 v 7


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