Delicious Carob Pie!

Carob Pie is the name that has stuck with this delicious favourite in our household. Its a bit like a chocolate mousse pie (my children were delighted at the idea of moose pie!)

If you want to get your children or hubby to eat banana or avocado – here’s how:

This is a non-bake pie – just blend and freeze and eat in slices as you need.


For the crust:

  1. I use a seed / coffee bean grinder to grind up some honey-muesli and put it into the food processor – about 4 cups
  2. Add about 4 T coconut oil and 4 T honey.
  3. Blend with the food processor – you need to taste and check the consistency to see when it is ready. It should be sweet and slightly gooey – just enough to cling together as a pie crust. Add more honey for sweetness and moisture if necessary.
  4. No need to grease – just press into a glass pie dish and your crust is done.

Now for the delicious filling:

  1. In a clean food processor (this is too thick for a blender) blend together until smooth:
  • 2 avocadoes
  • 4 bananas
  • 1-2 T of Tahini (sesame seed paste – optional but wonderful protein)

2. Add about 4T carob powder (keep adding until its a lovely chocolate brown colour

3. Add a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup (also to taste) and blend until its really smooth and creamy

4. Spoon over the crust and spread with a spatula

5. Freeze your pie and cut slices to serve (best when cold but not completely frozen)

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4 thoughts on “Delicious Carob Pie!

  1. Looks yum!! A very creative pie. šŸ™‚ I have also entered Heidi-Mari’s challenge!! It was very fun…

  2. jenni says:

    this looks like something i would like to try, my youngest does not like veg but loves anything that looks like chocolate..;)

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