Friday Funnies – 25 Nov 2011

Remembering our children’s funny moments! Our children love to look back and laugh at the cute things they said.

(gg stands for graceful girl and bb for brave boy!)

Mom: “What state is New York City in?”

BB age 4: “Which?”

Mom: New York State

Dad: Which State do you think Kansas City is in?

GG age 6: Kansas

Dad: No, actually its in Missouri, next door

GG age 6 (considering): Maybe they ran out of space!


GG age 6 (to Dad during Bible time): Do the Phillistines come from Philadelphia – just like the Babylonians come from Babylon?


GG age 6: Mommy, I’m so used to sleeping that sometimes I don’t expect it to be morning.


GG age 2: What’s that body called, Daddy? (pointing to person on book)

Dad: That body’s called Henry


BB age 3 is full of memorable sayings – here are some of the latest…

– talking about God’s presence during worship time – “I want to open God’s presents.”

– “I like meat! strawberry meat and pineapple meat.”

– “This song makes me funny”


I’m on Daddy’s roof! was BB age 4’s comment on being on Daddy’s shoulders.


Dad to BB age 2: “Come on Munch! (mommy’s nickname for the little ones) BB age 2: “I’m not! Cause you musn’t say that, cause you not a mommy!”


BB age 2: Its not cold, its rainy! (because the weather chart only allows one or the other.)


Mom: “Thank you very much in Afrikaans is baie dankie.” BB age 2: “Buy a donkey – but I’m going to buy an elephant!”


En route to Washington DC (virtual travel) “We are going to Washington ABC, Daddy!”

Then, “Is Washington ABC a teddy bear?”


BB age 2 (looking contemplatively at Mommy): Are you too big to stand on the step? (the small step at the bathroom basin)

Mom: yes, I’m too big!

BB age 2: Then how will you wash your hands?

What are some of your children’s funnies?

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.” Psalm 126 v 2


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