Friday Funnies – 18 Nov 2011

Remembering our children’s funny moments! Our children love to look back and laugh at the cute things they said.

(GG stands for graceful girl and BB for brave boy!)


BB age 2: Will we have some Lemon Wopang Pie?


(at supper time while eating spaghetti with Lentil sauce on top)

BB age 5: I’m being a bird eating earthworms!

GG age 7: I’m being a blackbird eating worms and Christmas beetle sauce


GG age 2: Current favourite word “wickly” – I wickly go get feely. I wickly put books. I wickly get shoes on.


BB age 2: Is that holes with cheese in it?


BB age 2: His favourite thing to bounce on – the bumpoline!


BB age 2: Mommy, if I mash the water (with the potato masher) will it make holes in the water?


BB age 2: Look, (wobbling around) Look, I’m being a mezzaluna. The mezzaluna fell off the couch.


BB age 4: What happens if you cut a mountain? Will the knife get blunt?

Daddy: If you use a knife… if you use a pick-axe, you can make a hole in it.

Daddy: If you have a hundred men and a hundred pick-axes, you can cut a place to make a road.

If you have a thousand men with a thousand pick-axes, you can make a tunnel in the mountain.

BB age 4: If you have then thousand men with ten thousand pick-axes, what can you do? Make the mountain go away?

Daddy: Yes – but where will you make it go to?

BB age 2: It will be in pieces!

Daddy: Where will you put the pieces?

BB age 2: In the bin!


We were gardening the other day, and after planting some flowers, GG age 6 had a question:

“Why is it called a flower bed? Do they sleep in there?”


What are some of your children’s funnies?

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.” Psalm 126 v 2


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