Friday Funnies – 11 Nov 2011

Remembering our children’s funny moments! Our children love to look back and laugh at the cute things they said.

(GG stands for graceful girl and BB for brave boy!)


GG age 2: Duck says quack! roosta says oo-oo-ooo-doodle-e-doo


GG age 2: What’s that body called, Daddy? (pointing to person on book)

Dad: That body’s called Henry


GG age 7: (not realising she had put 2yo’s jersey on instead of hers) MOM, I am growing so fast! I put this on the other day and the sleeves could fold over, now they are too short!


BB age 2: (his paper boat falls over) it doesn’t have the balance!


Mom: You are getting to be such a big boy!!
BB age 2: I’m not big because I’m not got tall legs!


BB age 2: A crocodile is very sharp!


GG age 2: (while changing clothes) I got some legs! (Later, walking down the passage, she stopped and said: I got some feet!


Mom: come, lets pray for daddy
GG age 2: dear Lord I pray for daddy, in Jesus name, Amen


Yesterday, BB age 2 was having his rest in his room (playing quietly?) – next thing I hear aaaah!  aaaah! and I go in and he is lying face down on his bed with his backpack on his back, his arms through it and his face to the side “I can’t get up!” he mumbles in a muffled voice!
Then today he is having his rest in his room and again I hear aaaah!! I go in and he has crawled into the bottom shelf of his cupboard and half turned around “I’m stuck!” he says. Lots of wiggling and a bit of pulling and he’s out the cupboard!


BB age 5: While at the aquarium: “Mommy, what happens if you meet a shark and you open your mouth wider than his? Then what will happen?


What are some of your children’s funnies?

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.” Psalm 126 v 2


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