Our Homeschool 2011 part 2 – English Language

Our four are still very small and we are at the beginning of our homeschool journey. These are our current curriculum choices – the ones we have loved this past 3 years and ones that are really working for us right now.

This year we are using Rod and Staff for English language studies for our 5 and 7 years olds – grades 1 and 2 respectively. This is an unusual curriculum so I thought I’d expound on it a little – it is less well known than other curricula.

GRADE 1 Rod and Staff

The Rod and Staff Language for Grade 1

  • Phonics workbook – great fun and easy to use
  • Reader and workbook
  • Book of worksheets to go with each lesson – lots of fun coloring, cutting and pasting

For each lesson, the child reads the story in the reader and then does the workbook pages relating to the story. It starts with the creation story in great detail-  there is also a worksheet page along a similar theme.

  • Phonics cards that are grouped into different categories
  • Vocabulary cards that match what is being learnt in the reader.

Grade 1 English Language in our week:

  1. Monday – phonics workbook and phonics flashcards
  2. Tuesday – read aloud from the reader and reader workbook double page
  3. Wednesday –  worksheet page relating to the lesson and vocabulary flashcards – fun making sentences from different word combinations
  4. Thursday – another phonics double page
  5. Friday – another reader lesson, workbook and relevant worksheet

Rod and Staff Language for Grade 2

  • Phonics workbook
  • Reader and workbook
  • Then there is a LEARNING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE book called Preparing to Build which teaches punctuation, grammar, etc. I really love the old fashioned feel of this book and this curriculum – and its English is very sound. (if you like old-fashioned books you will love this. It is beautifully written and full of rich language.) This book is not consumable and is hard cover – built to last!

The phonics pages are very quick and easy to do and the reader has chapter stories with questions to answer about them – also taken from the Genesis.

Stories about God’s People (if you click on this link to their site you can peep inside the books online).

The books are lovely with bible quotes from the KJV in them, the illustrations are very family friendly and the subject matter very solid.

My only criticism is that now and then the child is asked to write the end SOUND of a word instead of the end letter e.g. PAGE (they are supposed to write j) – not sure if I agree with doing that or if it teaches the child the incorrect spelling. It hasn’t been a problem as they usually know the correct spelling already so I have just told them to write what they know is correct.)

Grade 2 English Language in our week:

  1. Monday – Phonics and Reader Workbook
  2. Tuesday – LEARNING THE ENGLISH language
  3. Wednesday –  Phonics and Reader Workbook
  4. Thursday – LEARNING THE ENGLISH language
  5. Friday – Review / Test

There are teachers guides to go with phonics, readers and English language books – all beautifully bound. The price of the R&S materials is very reasonable and much less than we paid for previous curriculum materials. Highly recommended!

“And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you” 1 Thessalonians 4 v 11


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