Organizing 12 – Those Kitchen Cupboards Again

Its been a rather busy few weeks – not much organizing getting done – but I have the vision! I have been planning this one in my head for a few weeks so it was quick and easy when I did it! Much to be said for planning ahead! This cupboard was rather chaotic – especially the mats, aprons, serviettes and tablecloths shelf (rather a lot for one shelf but there just wasn’t other free space!)

So, we went from this.. (above)

to this!

After emptying the cupboard out onto every available space, I moved the plastics down from a high shelf and added the plastic cups and stuff – 2 shelves into 1 – good start. I filled a give-away box along the way too. We hung up aprons on plastic hooks on the outside of the cupboard, then I put the mats on the middle shelf, sorted the tablecloths into cloths for inside use and outside use – and moved the candles from under the sink to here.

Then I moved the flour and nuts to this top shelf and put all the serviettes in the middle where the plastics used to be. Finally I can reach the serviettes (napkins 🙂

Now there is space under the sink for my son’s bird seed!

And there is an empty shelf which was full of ?? cups?? Not sure – but now I can put the floating games and puzzles in there – yay!

“I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law [is] within my heart.” Psalm 40 v 8

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Part 12 – Those Kitchen Cupboards Again


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