Organizing 11 – A Fridge For Getting Healthy!

Its time to get healthy again, get fit, lose weight, have energy and give the most we can back to God!

I like my fridge to inspire me when I open its door – so recently I re-organized our fridge to make all the healthy things easily accessible and to remind us to use them. If I open the fridge and the good stuff calls to me then I am more likely to eat a healthy meal!

First I made sure we had good stock of all the nuts and seeds and stuff that we like to eat and use in salads, smoothies, etc. I found put them into stackable see-through containers and labelled them with large bright yellow labels. They sure look appetising! This has worked so well as now I don’t have to scrounge around in the cupboard or the back of the fridge for those things but I simply get out what we need from the front of the fridge and add them to our breakfast and lunch.

This is our newly organized fridge after a weekly grocery shop – once we start to use up the carrots and things it gets a bit less full!

Top shelf: carrots for juicing – they come in handy 2.5kg bags and then I use the 1kg bags for snacks and cooking. Zuccini for salads and cooking, celery for juicing, cucumbers and eggs for Crustless Quiche, baking or occasionaly, eggs on toast.

Next shelf: more carrots, ground up muesli in a container (my children love to eat it blended with coconut oil and honey) large black mushrooms (love these grilled with seasoning salt on), lettuce for lovely salads (when its not in our garden). A salad, for me, must have real green leaves – baby ones, many varieties, herbs, green and sweet – not that bland crunchy white-green stuff! Yellow peppers (we don’t eat the unripe green ones, but hubby loves the yellow and red in salad (I’ll have them grilled but not raw.)

Third shelf: The wonderful seed collection – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and poppy seeds (love all these on salads), then the nutritional yeast used to make “cheesy” sauces from red peppers / cashew nuts or the sesame sprinkles we use in this salad, some psyllium husks which we add to smoothies and is wonderful for cleaning out the colon and thickening your smoothies beautifully, then some gorgeous real canadian Grade B organic maple syrup (won’t tell you how much that jar cost – we use it in miniscule amounts!)

In the drawers we have open bags of corn pasta, leeks, garlic, organic potatoes that are too small for the cupboard, some avocadoes, red cabbage, some organic cream for making butter or adding to casseroles and some red grapetiser for Date Night!

Finally, in the door we have some unsalted butter and parmesan cheese, some basil pesto (love to make our own when basil is in season in our garden), olive tapenade, sundried tomatoes, flax/olive/sunflower oil capsules, liquid aminos (like a healthy soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, buttermilk for flapjacks (yum!), soy sauce, flaxseed oil, lemon cordial (love this), dates and grape juice.

I am hoping that my organized fridge will inspire me daily in the making of good food and help me avoid the junk!! Watch this space 🙂

Any tips on what has worked for you?

“Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of thy wondrous works. My soul melteth for heaviness: strengthen thou me according unto thy word.” Psalm 119 v 27, 28

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