Just Wondering…

Just wondering…

Why do we call it BIRTH Control?

Why not CONCEPTION Control?

Could it be because it doesn’t always prevent conception?

Maybe its because it prevents babies from being born – BIRTH Control!

Maybe we should call it BABY Control.

Then again, I think thats a bit too close to home. Better stick with BIRTH Control – its much easier to keep our heads in the sand.

Hubby and I are so sad that we fell into the “birth” control trap for all those years. Children are such a blessing – and the Bible calls them a reward from the Lord!

Have mercy on us, Oh Lord!

“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.” Matthew 18v5

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5 thoughts on “Just Wondering…

  1. Lizanne Pitt says:

    Gutsy post 🙂 I like! I like alot! Do you mind if I repost and link to you on my blog? I wrote something along these lines recently, and think my readers may benefit…

  2. Lizanne Pitt says:

    Thanks, Karyn… yeah, we’re slowly redesigning and rebuilding my blog… the comments broke a bit when my hubby moved the blog to my own domain, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. What I have been doing is just posting people who can’t comment’s comments on my blog myself if they email me… which is what happens. It frustrates me to no end having a broken blog… but we’ll get there, Thanks for your kind words!

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