Our Homeschool Curriculum Grows and Changes

Many homeschoolers in the USA are posting about their curriculum choices and plans as their school year begins.

I LOVE reading some of these – the ones where we have the same values and desires for our family – they are so inspiring and give so many ideas and much encouragment. I always come away with fresh energy for homeschool and at least one new awesome idea to implement.

Raising Olives

Blessed Beyond a Doubt

So I thought I would share some of our (very young) journey.

We have four little ones ages 7, 5, (almost) 3 & 2 so we really are near the beginning of the journey! We have been homeschooling from the start.

We started off enamoured with Sonlight. I think Sonlight has a great schedule and system and some wonderful science, maths and other resources. We still buy many literature books from them, but we have found more and more that we disagree with their book choices (especially the history ones for young children). We have different values when it comes to choosing literature for our children to read (even if we are the ones reading to them). To us it seems that we need to have a good reason for reading something to our children that we do not agree with or condone in our lives. Some of the literature choices are AWESOME and we so appreciate Sonlight’s effort in sourcing such great books – which is why we always buy those through them.

We bought the full Sonlight Pre-K and K curriculums and since then have slowly diverged from that into other things.

Next we looked into KONOS and bought the first of the three files for preparatory school children. We love the values-based learning – teaching our children the character traits and Scripture to go with it and then all the lessons and activities reinforcing that character trait. We love the practical approach to learning together as a family. The problem was that I found it hugely time-consuming trying to plan the lessons each week from the vast number of ideas with very little actual content. It was difficult to source good books on each subject – most of the books on their booklists we couldn’t get hold of easily (in South Africa) and I would spend hours searching and printing online to build up the bulk of the content we needed.

Then we studied Managers of Their Schools by Teri Maxwell and through that we discovered Rod and Staff Publishers. We LOVE their curriculum and their literature. You can preview the contents of their books online.

Now we use a combination of the three:

We still use Sonlight and Vision Forum literature in our LOUNGE TIME – the most valuable part of our homeschool day (more about that soon). We still use character trait learning and some of the activity ideas and timeline from KONOS and we use Rod and Staff books as the meat of our homeschool with Maths and Science from Sonlight.

I will share in detail what we do in each area in my next homeschool post.

TEN THINGS about Geography with Little Ones

Our Happy Homeschool

Fruit Bowl and Zoo Maths

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“And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.” Deuteronomy 6 v 7


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