For Rozanne


For Rozanne

You struggled and laboured long

But I think you knew

The little one inside you

Was coming to meet you.


You endured and were patient

But I think you felt

The touch of God on you

As His miracle of birth and new life took place through you.


You were in pain

But I think you knew

The joy of having birthed

A precious child of your heart.


The pain did not end

But I think your heart sang

With the joy of being a mommy.


Through the confusion and pain

Of leaving your Ian and your Abi

I know you thanked God for them.

You had to give up the joy of raising your daughter

But I think you saw the joy of your life through hers.


No one but a mother could understand

The precious moments that God gave you

And the greatest honour of laying down your life

for your child.


And though you didn’t have a choice

You were completely

Being a MOTHER.



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