Warm Winter, Homeschool and Large Family Logistics

Well, here I was happily coasting along, enjoying our warm winter days, feeling concerned about the lack of rain and thinking how it is much warmer than winters used to be in the Cape; then I hear about the snow in all the other provinces of the country! It’d be nice to have a bit of snow here although the weather has been wonderful for being outdoors – just a little hard on the garden as there has been just 1 day of rain in the past three weeks. I have been wonderfully busy with our four little ones and doing some bulk freezer cooking and also planning my sewing for some more winter and some summer clothes for the children. I haven’t thought much about blogging until now – but family life is so important – and blogging should never interfere with home life, responsibilities or time with our children – so I refuse to feel guilty 🙂

I have been very inspired by some articles I have read lately about mothering and homeschooling and would like to share some resources that have inspired me hugely and from which I have been implementing some ideas. The first is from one of my very favourite blogs Raising Olives (I read less than 10 blogs and this one is near the top!). Kimberley from Raising Olives has inspired me in many very practical ways through her blog. She has inspired us in our Bible Memorizing and more Bible Memorizing Ideas, Bible Reading, Bulk Cooking for the Freezer  (this post is epic – you’ve gotta read this! I have also been trying to cook an extra meal to give to friends in need every week or two and this has been such a practical help.), Hospitality, Homeschooling History, Homeschooling with little ones and Reading Hour (what we call lounge time). I’ll have to expand more on each of these in future posts.

I love the book Large Family Logistics and it has helped me so much in ordering and enjoying my home and family. Raising Olives and the other 4Moms have been talking to Kim Brenneman, the author of Large Family Logistics and its very inspiring. If you are struggling to keep up with housecleaning and organizing, homeschooling, young children and life in general this book will help hugely. Kim writes with such a lovely old-fashioned sounding, practical, elegant tone. From tea-party day to town day to laundry day – all her advice is so well thought out, practical and encouraging and will draw you and your children closer together and help to make your home a haven for your family.

Lastly, for a very inspiring and challenging article on motherhood have a look at “Motherhood is a Calling” by Rachel Jankovic. Many blessings to you and your family! love, Karyn

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.” Proverbs 15 v 13


2 thoughts on “Warm Winter, Homeschool and Large Family Logistics

  1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

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