TEN THINGS about Family Fun Night

I love LISTS and I love things being organized in box-type containers. A TEN THINGS list is like that!  I enjoy writing things in a structured, contained way. You will find links to all the TEN THINGS posts at the end of each. ENJOY!

Every Friday night is FAMILY FUN NIGHT. We first got this idea from the Moody Books written by Sarah Maxwell. Our little ones are now 7, 5, almost 3 and almost 2 – Family Fun Night is a highlight of our week together. Sometimes we’ll have a friend over to share the evening and they get to join in the fun.

1. What do we eat – PIZZA, of course! Homemade pizza with pineapple and feta, (sometimes spinach and olives) – thats about as adventurous as we get! I always make the dough by about 3pm and then later after Dad finishes work we all join in with rolling out the bases, (then we pre-cook them) and adding the toppings.

2. Paper Plates! No dishes to do on family fun night (well, hardly any) so Mom can be totally present and join in all the fun!

3. We have raw snacks in the lounge while Dad reads a story and Mom finishes off the pizza. I fill a bowl with chopped up apple, cucumber, carrot, pear, pineapple, etc. and everyone snacks while they listen to the story. This is a great way to get some raw starter in before the pizza – sometimes we make carrot juice. The little ones are really hungry by this time and they eat a lot more raw fruit and vegetables this way than if we pile their plates with it. This also keeps them happy while they wait.

4. I’m going to the Moon! … our favourite table game. We love to try to make the others guess the criteria for which they can come with us to the moon. “I’m going to the moon and I’m gonna bring a zebra.” “You can come…” Is it zoo animals or things starting with z? and so on. Sometimes we play “In Grandma’s chest I found:” – try to come up with bizarre things for each letter of the alphabet.

5. Lots of laughter, joking and smiles as we are all very relaxed and not at all worried about the time. We find FFN a great way to unwind after working hard all week and a great way to get ready for the weekend. I find myself relaxing as the evening approaches.

6. After dinner a quick clean up and sweep – we all help.

7. We gather in the lounge – often we will read aloud our favourite poetry from the week or funny stories and say our current memory verse and have Bible time. The children love to stand up and recite their verses – even the littlest (with some help!)

8. We watch all the home movies that we have recorded that week – quick little clips of all the children’s activities and funny moments. Its always great fun and there are comments like “Oh, I remember that…” or “Look what _____ did. Also a great time to show Daddy what we’ve all been up to.

9. We end the evening with a wonderful game of Hide and Seek. By this stage everyone is completely hyper and totally ready to roll into bed… – NOT! Well, its worth the fun and we wind down quickly with everyone in PJs in Mom and Dad’s bed with a story in the dark and some worship songs as the children drift off to sleep.

And no. 10. Not to be missed – the best song on the web! (according to my children) Tradition has it that we play this song every Friday evening and they sing along at the top of their little voices …

from twentydogs.com

“And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed [it], and brake, and gave to them.” Luke 24 v 30


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