Dresses For Graceful Girls

Feminity, elegance, modesty, purity – these are lost virtues of girlhood and lost values. My hubby and I are determined to teach these values to our girls. I feel rather inadequate in teaching values to my girls that I have never had myself, but we are learning from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit is leading us. I am learning right alongside my girls!

I know how important the internal is – the state of our hearts counts more than the external. I have always struggled with being feminine and graceful; – but its my hearts desire to be so and I know that God is faithful to complete the work He has begun in us! I am also concerned with the external! There is not much value placed on feminity or modesty in today’s clothing styles for girls or ladies. Trying to find clothes to buy for our girls is impossible if we are looking for beautiful, modest, feminine attire. So – we gotta make them! I am quite new to sewing but I am learning lots and enjoying it so much.

I recently made a 1780s portrait dress for my oldest girl. I found this quite a challenge for a novice sewing Mom – but it was lots of fun! She enjoyed being part of the process! I bought the pattern from here.

The outer layer of the bodice is a very fine delicate fabric and rather challenging to sew on and the pattern was crazy – shapes I have never seen before having to fit together!

But it’s done and it’s beautiful!

I love the big sash with the bow at the back.

One problem – we tried using poppers, then hooks and eyes down the back of the bodice but they don’t stay properly closed. I decided to lace it criss-cross down the back with ribbon. I am still trying to decide between eyelets and ribbon loops to lace the ribbon through. Any advice or experience would be appreciated!

We have had to be creative in finding other clothes that are feminine and modest while I get up to speed with my sewing. This skirt we bought in the ladies section of a store and I altered it to fit my daughter at the waist but kept the length. It worked beautifully.

This very simple tunic dress I made from a simple pyjama dress pattern without the sleeves. We enjoyed making it together and my daughter loved picking out the ribbon and roses to decorate it with.

I have a wonderful friend who has made some beautiful clothes for our girls. I have just given her the material and an idea to copy and she has done it without even a pattern. What a blessing!

This dress…

…and this skirt.

This was an basic tunic made from some stunning material with sequin swirls on it. It was easy to make and looks so good – my daughter loves it as she sparkles in the sunlight!

Homestead Blessings has been a wonderful help to us as well – we just love those movies. They make the sewing seem so simple and they are so good at adapting beautiful old tablecloths and sheets for aprons or beautiful items of clothing.

I would love to hear what you have done for your girl’s clothing or if you had had a similar dilemma!

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31 v 10


2 thoughts on “Dresses For Graceful Girls

  1. Sharon B says:

    Those are great! I really struggle finding dresses and skirts that are long enough for my (long legged) 13 year old daughter. Why is everything so short?!?! And sleeveless??!?! Modesty is a hard one these days, but we are trying to persevere. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Sharon
      I know just how you feel! It must be even harder to find things for teenagers. I guess its our chance to get creative 🙂 We moved away from our house with a swimming pool to one that didn’t have a pool because of struggles with modesty issues with friends and family. Much simpler this way! Its always a blessing to find others with the same values. love, Karyn

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