The Very Bestest Exercise!

Want to know the very best exercise? – become like a little child!

* Jump or hop enthusiastically about 20 times on your way to the bathroom.

* Skip around the house joyfully when you have nothing else to do or are waiting for something.

* Climb up the furniture & dangle off it – good for strengthening tummy muscles! (yes, I do allow my children to do this – at our house!)

* Twirl around wildly to see your dress fly out around you.

* Don’t sit still on a chair but bounce up & down as hard as you can. If you are afraid you might break the chair then rather sit on it & bounce your legs and feet up & down as fast as you can making a cool clunking noise on the floor each time your feet touch.

* Dance around while brushing your teeth.

* Chase a balloon around the room.

* Stand on one leg while working in the kitchen.

* If you see a wide open stretch of grass run wildly and joyfully across it until you reach the end, run back again and then fall down and watch the sky.

* Laugh hysterically at something (until your tummy muscles hurt).

* Roll around on the floor with your hubby, wrestling and tickling.

* Run around a room as fast as you can while singing at the top of your voice.

* Have FUN whatever you happen to be doing! 🙂

D’you have any more ideas to share? Please do!!

“And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them” Matthew 18v2


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