Yay for Brocolli and Cauliflower!

Its wonderful winter (down in Africa) and its raining and cold – love it!

Our brocolli and cauliflower love it too and we are starting to get some wonderful heads. This time of year in the garden is so easy – no watering necessary, no hot sun to burn the lettuce, just a little fertilizer and watch the plants flourish!

Beautifully white!

This head starting small – looking forward to all the side heads developing!

Beautiful Red Cabbage!

More Cauliflower to come.

Lots of wonderful Lettuce, Rocket, Bright Lights Spinach and Herbs – yummy!

What a blessing!

This post is linked to Smockity Frocks of 4Moms and Simple Lives Thursday.

“And he hath put a new song in my mouth, [even] praise unto our God: many shall see [it], and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.” Psalm 40v3


4 thoughts on “Yay for Brocolli and Cauliflower!

  1. Your garden is looking very yummy!!!

  2. Rachel E. says:

    How wonderful! Those plants are beautiful.

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