Our Happy Homeschool

We are so loving being a homeschooling family!!

We love gathering together for lounge time in the mornings for an hour. Each little one gets to sit on their “mat” (a folded up blanket) and do an activity from their box. This really is such a breakthrough for us as I was never able to get them all to sit still and listen at the same time for more than 10 minutes till I found out about blanket time. Even then I didn’t think it would work for a whole hour – but its amazing! They all sit perfectly still doing their activity quietly – no noise with their mouths – and we read!

We change their activites every 20 mins to half an hour. We learn our character traits, work on our memory verses, do our maps, timelines, history, science reading and we discuss it all together. The smallest to tallest all have questions and take part in the the discussions. We love it – its such a family bonding time! Usually Dad is working but today was a public holiday so he could join us – wonderful!

After that its desk time – for workbooks and such.

(recording the daily temperature)

This was a great numbers activity for our 5 year old. He chose and labelled a few small items with letters A B C D E and F.

Then he put one on each side of the balance (scale).

Then he circled the letter for the heavier object on the worksheet.

I don’t believe in pressuring children to learn to read or in formally training them to read at any given age if they are not ready. So far our older two taught themselves to read when they were 5 and 4 respectively so we haven’t had to test that one out.

I do, however, believe in having lots of FUN with letters!

We have used Letterland for many years and even our 2 year old knows the letter sounds.

We love to play letter games and they love asking me to “write” things for them.

The little ones love to do their “desk activities” while the others work.

(good ‘ol drawing)

(and sticking)

Here we have a very precise and complex method of sorting letters!

We are loving our new Rod and Staff books – the readers are wonderful. Today we read: “God’s Miracle – The Egg” and “God’s Miracle: The Seed”.

What a blessing to be able to homeschool our children!

“As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom:”

Daniel 1v17a  🙂


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