Toddlers & Little-Uns Learning to Pray

How are our little ones learning to pray? We pray out loud alot during the day and our children learn to pray too as they think of things. We want to teach them something about the depth of prayer and help them learn what we should pray – so we’ve come up with 5 starters to help them pray during bible time.

Here we go  –  5…

just 5,

easy 5,

5 fingers…

… 5 sentences to help us learn to pray!

So here is number…

1. Lord I praise you because you are….

(they choose how to complete the sentence  …great, mighty, strong, faithful, everlasting, our creator, loving, etc.)

2. Lord, I thank you for….

(my family, my brothers and sisters, specific animals, my pets, food we eat, providing for us, our car, our home, our Dad who works hard to provide for us, etc.)

3. Lord, in Your Word (the Bible) it says…

(they can quote any part of their memory verses.)

4. Lord, I ask you to bless…

(specific person’s name, our family, the people in ___________ country, etc.)

5. Lord, please help me to…

(obey Mom and Dad, obey your word, do my best today, work hard, love you with my whole heart, have joy and peace today, etc.)


Even our 1 year old can do this with a bit of help and they love it!

Have a look at Works for Me WednesdayLiving Well Wednesdays and Raising Homemakers for some wonderful links!

“I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.”

1 Timothy 2v8


2 thoughts on “Toddlers & Little-Uns Learning to Pray

  1. Ticia says:

    What great suggestions. I might have to steal this for my kindergarteners.

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