Terrific Toddlers Have Fun – Part 2

Click here for Terrific Toddlers Have Fun – Part 1

Terrific Toddlers Have Fun! is a series of activites to join with Beautiful Girlhood’s “Tot School” with Kelly-Anne. Not sure if I qualify being a Mom and not a sister 🙂 – what a blessing Kelly-Anne is as big sister and oldest daughter. Thanks for the inspiration Kelly-Anne!

Our toddlers love to be a part of whatever we are doing! If I am kneading bread dough they want to try, if I am juicing carrots – they want to do it too and they just love it!! If we are making a smoothie they’ll drag the step along and climb up to join in – washing dishes, vacuuming, mowing the lawn – they wanna do it too! Its how they experience life and learn – and besides they are little mama’s and dada’s in training!

We love making Breadsticks from Se7en – they are very yummy! (ours are long and thin and we use spelt flour)

Making Breadsticks turned out to be a brilliant tactile activity!

After making the dough, I put out two plates – one with oil and one with toppings (oregano, herb salt and parmesan) and a bowl of flour.

I popped each bit of dough into the flour and our 1 year old had a fabulous time squishing each dough ball, rolling it in the oil and then in the toppings and I placed it on the baking tray.

And then smearing and preparing the toppings for further use!

More mixing, spreading…

and rolling.

All done!


I’ve also linked this to WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY on wearethatfamily.com. Have a look there for many wonderful tips on all kinds of things!

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Psalm 127v3)


2 thoughts on “Terrific Toddlers Have Fun – Part 2

  1. Kelly-Anne says:

    Dear Aunty Karyn, thnak you sooo much for doing this!! It is lovely and you most definately qualify, even though you are a mom! I love the pictures of your little tot…she is so cute!! Many blessings, Kelly-Anne

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