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Today I would like to highlight some articles that have had a great impact on me personally – I hope they will bless you too!

1. Our Ugly made Beautiful – by Caroline Collie (thank you Se7en for the link)

Excerpt: “The ugliness of crucifixion makes way for the beauty of redemption. The beauty of salvation. The beautiful reconciliation. One-piece wholeness for you and for me, bought by the One who was broken.

And though the Cross may symbolize the ugliness of humanity at its worst, crucifying the One who came to set us free, to fix our broken world, to reconcile us to our Creator God, yet the Cross is still at the same time wholly beautiful.” Read the full article here…


2. Angry Children by Michael Pearl

I was convicted over and over as I read this and reminded of how we need to be there to help, teach and train our children every step of the way – laziness easily gets in the way of this. Anger gets in the way of this – more is caught than is taught! Such wisdom in this article from a father of 5 and grandfather of many.

Excerpt: “As a parent you must anticipate the needs of your children and be proactive in equipping them to face life’s challenges with the kind of character it takes to endure with grace the potential frustrations of everyday life. How? First by example. If you bypass this one, nothing else will work. If you have occasional angry outbursts, your children will catch it like the flu. It does no good to say you are sorry, other than they may learn to apologize after each of their own outbursts. You have not dealt with the anger; you have just made the point that it needs to be followed with an apology. More is caught than taught.

Assuming you are setting a proper example, the next step is to not leave your child in a social vacuum where she must face her frustrations unguided. For example, I saw a small child cry out in anger because she couldn’t put her coat on properly. She was frustrated. If you simply spank her for her anger or rebuke her, you will only increase the frustration and it will soon develop into a habit of angry impatience. You can prevent this inclination by patiently training her in the art of putting on a coat. When you see the anger, slow down in your hurry to get out the door and show her that you are going to patiently be there while she finds the other sleeve. If she is capable of this contortionist’s feat but overly anxious and impatient with herself, show her step by step how it is to be done, and smile all the while. You are teaching her that the things that frustrate us can be conquered with patience and persistence. In the child’s mind, this translates into a principle that will apply in the face of any frustration.” Read the full article here…


3. Grumbling by Teri Maxwell of

Conviction again! Such a wonderful encouraging article.

Excerpt: “Recently I realized that I was hearing a considerable amount of what sounded like grumbling coming from one of my children. There were statements like, “I am soooo tired. I am very, veeery, veeeery hot. I am extremmmmely hungry.” You can tell that there was quite a bit of emotion included with the words that were spoken. These could be construed as simply statements of fact, but even if they were, they were certainly emotional and exaggerated. Put together and coming frequently from one person, it had become a complaining spirit, and I found my own spirits sagging as I was exposed to this continual drip, drip, dripping of negative words.

Of course, I spoke to this child about the words that were being spoken and encouraged that child in a different direction with thoughts and words. However, it wasn’t long after that conversation took place that I heard myself saying, “I am sure stiff and sore from yesterday’s workout.” The Lord quickly prompted me that my words sounded quite similar to the child’s words that were troubling me. Before too much more time went by, I heard myself thinking, “I don’t like having the Mom’s Corner still unfinished hanging over my head.” Again, that conviction of the Holy Spirit was there pointing out my thoughts and comparing them to my child’s.” Read the full article here…


4. How to Clean a Room by Sherry from Large Family Mothering

A wonderful practical article on a great system to teach  your children in cleaning their rooms.

Excerpt: “Most of us are not born knowing how to take chaos and create order. My boys, especially, will look at a messy room and become despondent. The idea of sorting through the whole mess overwhelms them.

My boys love the book “Diggy Dan” in which Diggy is faced with a trashed-out bedroom and uses the occasion to fantasize about all sorts of things while cleaning up. His mother simply looks in every once-in-a-while and tells him to keep working.

I’m afraid that real life is not as fun. Sending a child in to clean his room without giving him some sort of plan is frustrating and useless for both sides.

There is a method we use around here to tackle total madness. Here it is in a nutshell:” Read the full article here…


Many blessings from our family to yours!

“Happy [is] the man [that] findeth wisdom, and the man [that] getteth understanding.” Proverbs 3v13


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