Fruit Bowl and Zoo Maths


1. Not too much fruit left in the fruit bowl? – Great!

2. Ask your 4 year old to grab paper and a pen, and to draw the fruit in the fruit bowl using the right colours. They could draw around the fruit or make the shapes themselves.

3. Ask your child to count each type of fruit. How many green apples? 4 Help them to number the green apples. How many bananas? 2 How many red apples? 7 How many naartjies? 2 How many peaches? 2

4. Ask your child to place the fruit onto the correct shapes on their picture  e.g. 4 green apples. Then eat an apple together and ask – how many do we have left? Have fun!


1. Ask your 4 year old to find all their small wooden or plastic animals. Tell them you are going to make a zoo! Have them lay out all the animals on a large piece of paper grouping like ones together to go in “cages” in the zoo. Elephants over here, ducks over there, sheep in the middle, etc.

2. Ask your child to draw cages for each group of animals (drawing a circle around each group), or a pond for the ducks, etc.

Visit the zoo! Get out little lego people to represent you and your child or your whole family and have them “walk” around in the zoo and look at each cage of animals. Count how many animals in each cage you pass. 3 elephants in this cage, 4 ducks on the dam, etc. Have fun together!

This post is linked on Works for Me Wednesday. Thanks Kristen at We Are THAT Family!

“The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning.” Proverbs 16v21


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