Four Wonderful Words!

I want to tell you about four wonderful words that the Lord has taught me. These words have protected me in times of confusion, helped me through difficult conversations and in relationship with extended family and well-meaning friends. These four words are a refuge that God has given to me – a covering and a protection – a place to run to.

Years ago I never would have thought of these words, they wouldn’t have made sense to me. I had never heard them spoken, yet when I began to study the Bible and learn about God’s plan for me as a wife, I learned these words.

As we embark on roads less traveled with our family, and as we come face to face with people who don’t agree with us – I am so blessed to have this provision from God.

Those four wonderful words are:


Question: Why do you (or don’t you) do ___________ that way?

Answer: “Talk to my husband – he’ll explain it.”

Question: Shouldn’t you be concerned about ____________?

Answer: “Talk to my husband. He’ll know”

I love being able to say these words. My hubby is my WARRIOR! He stands in the gap and defends us. God provides for and protects our family through him.

Thats not to say I can’t think for myself or that I don’t have a part in the decision making process. But I love being able to stand behind my husband – as he stands behind each decision and defends it. I am so grateful not to be the one called by God to do that.

I hope you can use these words too.

love, Karyn

“For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.” Ephesians 5v23


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