The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Something happened a while ago to a family member. It wasn’t too serious – but it could have been. God’s grace was on us.

When it happened we prayed earnestly.. and after that we knew that there was nothing further we could do, nothing at all but trust THE ONE who made us – trust HIM to work.

There was nothing we could do but wait – in FAITH.
It was a struggle; my heart knowing completely that MY GOD is faithful and true, but the fear wanting to creep in and strangle me!

It got me thinking – and praying!

You have to trust HIM when your heart is in your throat and you can hardly breathe!

You have to trust HIM when you can’t see the answer – can’t even see evidence that HE has heard your prayers.

“FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for – the EVIDENCE of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11 v 1

Just like we named our children (their second names) for the way we must stand in FAITH, COURAGE and STRENGTH –  we have seen the GRACE of God that covers us, protects us, helps us and blesses us.

Trust in HIM, know HIM, love HIM, obey HIM, be faithful only unto HIM. He is FAITHFUL!

Only HE knows how HE will answer, only HE sees all and only HE loves us more than we know.

with love,



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