Vegetable Garden Update 2

We live on a small plot – but it suits us perfectly. Just the right amount of garden to manage with our four little ones! We have 7 raised beds and this is our second year of attempting to grow vegetables – we moved house in the middle – so these beds are not yet a year old.

Here’s a garden update:

Bed no 1 – This weekend Hubby did a wonderful job of clearing all the grass that had grown through into the bed. He also pulled out the last large tomato plant – still yielding, but we needed the space!

Bed no 2 – We did  some weeding and then planted lettuce seedlings around the spinach and basil.

Bed no 3 – There are still some potatoes in the ground and one has started growing again. We’d better get the rest of those potatoes out fast! I’m not sure whether to let it grow or not… any advice? We could let the potatoes grow again (not sure how they would yield the second time around – or we could plant brassicas in their place). The second option is probably better in terms of soil health and nutrients.

Bed no 4 – Cabbage, cauliflower and brocolli seedlings are looking good – growing fast, especially the brocolli!

That middle guy in the front is especially happy!

Bed no 5 – Needs some shadecloth I think – the afternoon sun is still a bit harsh and the lettuce and kale is struggling. Also need to add more mulch.

Bed no 7 – Lettuce, spinach and kale seedling are coming along well, basil is still going strong.

There’s that giant comfrey plant again – I just love it!

Echinacea and Tansy are growing like anything!

Now – I MUST sow the carrot and leek seeds into the ground as time is passing too fast!

We had a good summer harvest though not nearly what we hoped for – which is to be expected, I guess.

Here are some highlights:

Mountains of basil,

lots of lettuce,

wonderful spinach…

with giant leaves,

huge carrots,

lots of them!

delicious herbs and edible flowers,

some good gem squash… before the mildew hit,

great tomato bush climbers and good cucumber vine …

which yielded only a few (about 15) healthy cucumbers (the others rotted when they were small – any advice would be appreciated!),

We had hundreds of baby tomatoes (a bowl full per day),

I washed and froze lots of them and then used them for tomato sauces in casseroles, I dried some in the dehydrator, gave some away and ate the rest!) A few larger tomatoes came later but I planted those bushes a bit late.

Hopefully the artichoke plants will start to yield next year!

We had about 4 watermelon that weren’t eaten or rotten – and they were deliciously sweet!

Ever seen a heart shaped watermelon?

There was one GIANT caterpillar,

and a delighted cutworm squisher!!

So now we look forward to the winter harvest!

I love sowing seeds – seeds  are amazing! They are tiny and seemingly so lifeless – and yet the life is there inside them. They have the potential to grow into magnificent, strong, nourishing, life-sustaining plants. God has placed life within each tiny seed, each one is an enormous miracle waiting to happen!

Look at all these wonderful heirloom seeds waiting to be planted!

I am continually blessed by God’s creativity. I love the hidden mysteries of his creation – the way you have to search to find them, the way you have to plant a seed and wait for it to grow to discover its full glory and to see its potential realised.

I love how it speaks of God – mystery and hidden awesomeness and majesty – and of how he wants us to search for him with our whole hearts.

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“Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find [me], when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”
Jeremiah 29 v 12,13


2 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Update 2

  1. Beautiful Pictures! Thank you for linking up to Frugal Gardening 101, I hope you join in next week, too!

    Now, about that Giant Comfrey plant. I would love to know what it’s purpose is? What do you do with it? I’ve heard of it before, and I even might have some seeds (??), but I have no idea what it’s used for.

    • Thanks – it was great to find you! Comfrey is wonderful. Its sometimes called knitbone and is so fantastic for healing bones, sprains, bruises, etc. Also great for skin problems, burns, etc. Great to make a salve or balm out of it. Half dry the comfrey leaves overnight and then break them up and put them into some olive oil for about 2 weeks to draw out the properties. Then melt beeswax and combine to make salve. Will do a post on it soon and exactly how to make the salve. Also brilliant for the garden – make a comfrey tea for a liquid fertilizer or line the holes with wilted comfrey leaves when planting potatoes as its very high in potassium. There is controversy about drinking it as a herbal tea – probably safer not to although I have 🙂 love, Karyn

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