A Four Year Old Does Science and Geography – the Fun Way!

But he’s only four, you say! Well, we’re not talking boring old usual run-of-the-mill science & geography here. This is just plain fascination with life – fascination with the world and the way God made it; the beasts of the field, the birds of the air and the creatures of the water –  with trips to the zoo in between!

Our brave boy #1 is almost 5 and he loves LOVES animals. Kitties, doggies and bunnies are good but what he talks about ALL the time are the WILD BEASTS! He loves elephants, hippos, birds of pray, snakes and all he wants to know is: what eats what, where do they live and which will make good pets!  – elephants? hippos? anteaters? (because they’d eat all the ants…)



Recent conversations between us:

“Mommy, could an elephant fit in our house?” Nope, he couldn’t fit through the door. “But could he fit in this room?” Maybe but he couldn’t move around much. (pause)… “Could he fit in the garden…”

“Mommy, is a hippo a good pet to have?” Nope, because he’d need a great big water hole to wallow in. “As big as our garden?” Yes, but he’d probably trample on our vegetables.

“How about ducks – could we keep ducks?” Yes, ducks are good – although they might fly over the fence and swim in the neighbours pool.

“If I had bunnies as a pet, I shouldn’t have a hawk as a hawk would eat them!”


We are doing Sonlight Pre-K with him this year and its wonderful!!! Sonlight is a huge blessing to our family – but more about that another time.


Here we have Ernie the Elephant made from pattern blocks.

The Pre-K year is not very demanding – which is a good thing! – mainly books to read and we do lots of that. We just wanted to a little something extra to give a focus to his days.

We have a wonderful book called “The Zoo Guide” which gives biological information about each animal but is Biblically correct. It speaks of “KINDS” where listing Genus and Species,

and mentions of the “original diet” of each animal before the fall, and then their current diet.

It also mentions “created on day 6” (or 5 or 4) for each animal.



We have another amazing book which has maps of each country showing which animals you find in those countries.


Each day we look at one double page together and I read all the bits of information about that country, – what its like there and what animals you find there.


He already knows lots of the animals from studying the book himself whenever he has the chance (some unusual ones like the silky anteater or the 3-toed sloth).


We look at the world map together.


We find the country, talk about whether its hot or cold there at this time of year and what continent its on, etc. This part is pretty much led by his questions and what he wants to know.


Then we take the zoo guide and read in detail about one animal.



He loves to absorb the facts about them – how God created them uniquely for their environment…

Today we did the camel.

Did you know:

  • The camel has two sets of eyelashes to help protect its eyes from the sand
  • Can close its nostrils to keep out the sand
  • Has special pads on its feet so they don’t burn in the sand
  • Can keep its body temperature at around 40 degrees C so it doesn’t use or need too much water to keep its body temperature down
  • Stores fat in its hump / s for use when there is a shortage of food.


He then cuts out 10 animals each day and sticks them into his creation notebook.

We have divided the pages by kinds – different classes of mammals, etc


We figure out where to stick each animal as we go.


He is learning so much and having so much fun.

And so am I!


This post has been submitted to Helpful Homeschool Hints.

“And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that [it was] good.” Genesis 1v25



6 thoughts on “A Four Year Old Does Science and Geography – the Fun Way!

  1. Lori says:

    Awesome post! My boys are a bit older (7,10,12), but I think they would love those books! Great resources and fun stuff.

    • Hi Lori Wow, a genuine “older women” to teach us (slightly) younger ones! 🙂 I had a look at your blog. Your family looks wonderful. How special to have children at home and grandchildren at the same time. Thanks for visiting and many blessings to your family. love, Karyn

  2. My kids are crazy about animals! Thanks for the great post!

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