Yay, Winter!!

Yay, its winter!  …okay, its actually only just Autumn and not all that cold yet – but the temperature has dropped below 30 degrees Celsius and we can wear long sleeves!! We can wear them for about an hour in the morning before it warms up for the day and again in the evening – and what fun that is!


We can wear slippers on our feet.

(This little one loves to drink water – you can tell!)


We can wear strong big-boy BOOTS!


Just look at those stompers!


We can wear long sleeved dresses, socks and shoes.

(This little one lost another front tooth yesterday!)


We can wear our bathrobes,


and snuggly winter jammies!


Yay – winter is coming!!


“Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.” Psalm 74v17



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