Snakes, Beetles, Tornadoes and Fires

I love this age with little boys – 4 going on 5! Life is such a mixture of trepidation, excitement, courage, hesitation, bravery and overcoming!

The world is so big and real – lions will eat you, scorpions can sting you, fires will burn you… and then little boys learning to be men – to take dominion, to protect, to provide, to conquer!

Our 4 year old loves to be a firefighter and to chop down ‘doors’ with his ‘axe’ – any pile of things that I can set up to be a ‘door’ is enthusiastically conquered – or to be a knight and to slay with his sword.

We have graduated from; “Mommy there’s a spider!”

to… Mommy, I squashed the spider (or beetle) and pulled its legs and head off to make sure its dead!

(and all the girls said… ewwww!!!)

There are endless conversations about snakes and what to do with them if you find them. Which end do you drop the brick on? (the dangerous end) Which end do you pick them up by? What do snakes eat? What eats snakes? Then every animal is defined by whether or not it eats snakes. (At this point I’m very glad its just theory!) There was great delight when he discovered there was a snake that eats another snake – we saw a video of a cobra eating a rat snake!


Sometimes we go virtual travelling as part of school. We were travelling through the midwest in the USA (Kansas) while reading the Little House books. I issued a tornado warning and this little man was really terrified – “Mommy, is it real?”

I felt a bit bad but reassured him that it wasn’t and we talked about how it would be for those who really have tornadoes.

Now all he wants to do is play tornado! Mommy – you’d better come under shelter because there’s a tornado coming!

(Not to in any way dismiss the devastation that can be caused by tornadoes and earthquakes – it is devastating for all involved and we pray for those people!)

There is this manliness rising up inside him – wanting to face danger and be victorious, to go out to meet the danger, to conquer his fear and protect his loved ones. Its the way God made him.


We had a little fire in the house the other night. There were candles on the table which our 7 year old daughter set for us so beautifully for our date night at home.


We turned around to put dishes in the sink and suddenly there it was! There is only one photo of the fire as thats not exactly what you should be doing during fires! I remember calmly asking handsome hubby what I should get for him or what I should do whilst quickly taking the photo.

Hubby soon had the fire under control. Not even much smoke to deal with – thank you Lord, just a melted plastic table cloth which was quickly disposed of!

When our 4 year old heard about it, the wide-eyed wonder mixed with fear and the relief that the fire was conquered was evident. It was a few days before it ceased to be a major topic of conversation.

Our little 2 year old boy loves to watch and see, learn and do what his big brother is doing. Big brother always takes care of him and makes sure he has what he needs. They are gorgeous together. They both so love their time with Dad, making and building, cutting, sawing, chopping, fixing, figuring things out. I am inspired by their fascination for life and for God’s creation!

Wonderful little boys – aren’t we just so blessed 🙂

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” – Psalm 127v3-5



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